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A Guide to German Numbers: Learn to Count and Much More

Learning to count might not seem appealing once you have passed primary school, but numbers are omnipresent in daily life.  Whether you want to negotiate a price, arrange a meeting, find out an address or phone number, or even just reserve a table for four, without some basic knowledge of numbers, even simple transactions can […]

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German Reflexive Pronouns: A Quick Guide to What They Are and How to Use Them

The German language has many different pronouns for every occasion and situation. In English we use them too, but make do with far fewer of them. But don´t be intimidated. It is very likely, that you have come across and even used them already.  In this article, we’ll take a look at German reflexive pronouns—what […]

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A Quick Guide to German Grammatical Gender: Der, Die, Das

For English speakers, the idea of grammatical gender may seem odd. Why is a table male, a door female and a window neutral in German?  Though it might feel random and an arduous task to remember, there are some consistencies and rules to help you identify what is what.  We will look at each one […]

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