10 Most Beautiful German Words

10 Most Beautiful German Words TH

“The German language sounds like a typewriter eating tinfoil being kicked down the stairs” – Dylan Moran, Irish stand up comedian We’ve heard many times that German is the best language to use when yelling. Just as French is considered the language of love, German is that of wrath. Is that really fair to the language? […]

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How to Express Your Daily Routine in German

Most Important German Vocabulary for Daily Routine TH

When you get up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Have coffee, brush your teeth, turn your computer on? Can you say it in German?This article will explain the most-used German verbs for talking about your daily routine. You use them to tell someone how your day was or explain to your […]

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German Vocabulary for Food Preferences and Allergies

German food is all about tradition, flavor, and culture. It connects people to their relatives, friends, and new places. Anyone who’s enjoyed a spicy smoked sausage from a food stand in Germany will vouch for this.  This is no cause for concern if you’re a vegetarian because Germans aren’t Vegetarier feindlich (hostile) by any means. Their […]

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10 Child-Friendly German Movies to Watch with the Whole Family

While watching movies with your family can definitely be enjoyable, there are two far more important reasons to do it: improving your language skills and communication. Spending a few hours a week or once every two weeks in front of the TV as a family encourages communication. You don’t need to be talking all the […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for People Travelling to Germany

Quick Navigation Do be on TimeDo Share RidesDo Bring Enough CashDo Make Eye Contact When Raising Your GlassDo Buy a Transport Card Do try German Bread and BeerDon’t Call After 20:00Don’t Ignore Recycling RulesDon’t Make Noise Whenever You Feel Like It Never Walk in the Cycling LaneDon’t Talk or Even Mention the Third Reich Germany is […]

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German TV Shows for All Levels

To learn German from TV shows, no background knowledge is necessary. We’ve compiled these shows and divided them by level for you to enjoy.  Many of them provide vocabulary lists, exercises, and other useful resources to improve comprehension. They’re all available on TV and on YouTube unless otherwise indicated.  Quick Navigation Beginners (A1)Extra auf DeutschDeutsch […]

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Playlists of the Best German Songs

We can’t dispute how unique and powerful an art form music is. It can connect people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. It transcends space and time. It also connects people who speak different languages. Language plays an important role in music because artists are able to transform simple words into […]

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German Cuisine by Season: What to Expect, What German Food to Try?

Contrary to popular belief, German cuisine isn’t all about meat and potatoes (although it tends to revolve around them). Their soups and veggie dishes are amazing too. Read on to find out what Germans eat in different seasons of the year and the top recipes you should try before embarking on that long-awaited trip to the […]

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German People Stereotypes: Which Ones are True?

All Germans love drinking beer, eating homemade bread, and listening to Rammstein: yes or no? Being among the highest quality in the world, German beer is loved and enjoyed by Germans and foreigners alike. That isn’t to say no Germans prefer wine or schnapps to beer. While Rammstein is one of the few internationally successful German […]

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15 Must-Watch German Movies for Language Learners

Mixing education and entertainment is perhaps the most effective way to learn. As you lounge in front of the TV more often than you ever have before, there’s no better time to improve or polish your German. Check out our scintillating selection of 15 amazing German movies.  Quick Navigation 1. The Wave (Die Welle)2. Stations […]

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