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What to say in a Restaurant in Germany

You can’t travel without eating. And you can’t eat without being able to communicate what you want. Make sure to memorize the following phrases if you plan on dining in Germany. Quick Navigation “A table for two, please.” in German“Is this seat taken?” in German“May I see the Menu, please?” in German“What do you recommend?” […]

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Basic German Questions Every Traveler Should Know

It only takes a few questions in German to start a conversation. Check out the list below to learn some phrases that could mark the difference between making some friends, or spending your trip alone. Quick Navigation “Where is the bathroom?” in German“Where are you from?” in German“Could you say that again, please?” in German“What […]

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A Quick Guide to German Greetings

Greetings are the gateway to lasting friendship. Before your trip to Germany, check out this list and you’ll be making friends in no time. Quick Navigation I. How to greet someone at anytime of the day in German “Good morning” in German“Good afternoon” in German“Good evening” in German2. How to greet someone in German during […]

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