76 Common German Verbs to Add to Your Vocabulary

Verbs are among the most important words you’ll be learning in a language. So in this vocabulary lesson, we’ll go through 76 of the most useful German verbs.

Please take note that this lesson is purely for learning vocabulary. How to conjugate German verbs would be a lesson for another day.

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Now for the list!

ändernto change
antwortento reply
arbeitento work
beginnento start
bleibento stay
brauchento need
bringento bring
erhaltento receive
erklärento explain
erwartento expect
essento eat
fallento fall
fehlento miss
findento find
folgento follow
fragento ask
fühlento feel
gebento give
gehento walk
gehörento belong
gewinnento win
glaubento believe
habento have
haltento hold
helfento help
hörento hear
kennento know
kommento come
lachento laugh
laufento run
lebento live
lernento learn
lesento read
liebento love
liegento lie (down)
machento make / to do
meinento mean
mögento like
müssento have to / must
nehmento take
öffnento open
rechnento calculate
rennento run
riechento smell
sagento say
scheinento seem
schiebento push
schlafento sleep
schließento close
schreibento write
sehento see
seinto be
singento sing
sitzento sit
spielento play
sprechento talk / to speak
stehento stand
suchento search
teilento share
tragento carry
treffento meet
trinkento drink
verlassento leave
verlierento lose
verstehento understand
versuchento try
verwendento use
werdento become
wissento know
wohnento live / to reside
wollento want
zählento count
zeigento show
ziehento pull

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