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Learn how to talk about your family in the German language. Family is important, so get studying with our list below.

List of Family members in German

No matter where you go, your family always seem to find you. This list included.

German Family Vocabulary list

“The Family” in German

die Familie

Family is important. That’s why it is important to now how to say “die Familie”. It is time you showed them some of that German love.

Wie groß ist deine Familie?How big is your family?
Ich habe keine große Familie.I don’t have a big family.

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“Father” in German


Honor your dad next Father’s day by showing him you care in German. There is no better present.

Here’s how to do it.

He Vater, Glücklicher Vatertag!Hey father, happy Father’s day!
Danke mein Sohn.Thank you my son.

“Mother” in German


Do not forget to show your mom some love as well. Not just on Mother’s day though. Why not use your German to become a better child? Your mom deserves it.

“Ich liebe dich, Mutter.”“I love you mother.”
“Ich liebe dich sehr!”“I love you very much!”

“Child” in German


Children are “kind”, at least until they grow up. That should help you remember.

“Hast du ein Kind?”“Do you have a child?”
“Nein, tue ich nicht.”“No, I do not.”

“Siblings” in German


Even though you probably hated each other growing up, you are still family. If you don’t talk anymore, why not try in German. It could work, you never know.

“Sie sehen sich ähnlich.”“They look alike.”
“Sie sind Geschwister.”“They are siblings.”

“Brother” in German


Oh “Bruder”! It is time to start learning your German vocab. It could be a good bonding experience.

“Ist das dein Bruder?”“Is that your brother?”
“Ja, er heisst Klaus.”“Yeah, his name is Klaus.”

“Sister” in German


Do not forget about your “Schwester”. Sounds like sister, but much more fun to say.

“Hast du Geschwister?”“Do you have any siblings?”
“Ich habe eine Schwester.”“I have a sister.”

“Uncle” in German


Looks like how a kid might try and write uncle in English. Yet, sounds almost the same as in English.

“Ich bin aus New York.”“I am from New York.”
“Mein Onkel wohnt in New York.”“My uncle lives in New York.”

“Aunt” in German


Everyone always forgets about their “Tante”. Do not be one of those people. After all, they are usually known as the cool ones in the family.

“Wo ist Tante Petunia?”“Where is Aunt Petunia?”
“Tante Petunia ist nicht im Haus gekommen.”“Aunt Petunia did not come in the house.”

Terms children used to call their Parents and Grandparents

Ahhh to be a kid again. Learn the vocab below and teach your children how to care for their elders.

“Mom” in German

die Mama

Basically, the same as in English. So you shouldn’t need to spend much time studying.

“Mama, kann ich Eis?”Mama, can I have ice cream?
“Ja, meine liebling.”Yes, my darling.

“Mommy” in German

die Mutti

Similar to “Mama” but “Mutti” tends to be used more in southern Germany. Be sure to tell your mother. She might find it interesting.

Mutti! Mutti! ich liebe dich!Mommy! Mommy! I love you!

“Grandma” in German

die Oma

The person who always spoiled you the most was always your “Oma”. It is time to pay her back a little by learning what to call her in German.

Wie viel Süßigkeiten hat Oma?How much candy does grandma have?
Keine Ahnung.I have no idea.

“Grandpa” in German

der Opa

Although your “Opa” may not have spoiled you as much as your “Oma”, that’s no reason not to learn this word.

“Schau mal! Wer ist das?”“Look! Who is that?”
“Das ist mein Opa!”“That is my Grandpa!”

“Dad” in German

der Papa

No troubles here, we have the same word in English. But look at you learning German, your “Papa” would be proud.

Papa ist sehr streng. Weil er dich liebt.Papa is very strict. Because he loves you.

“Daddy” in German

der Vati

Another endearing way to address that “Vati” in your life.

Wohin gehen wir Vati?Where are we going daddy?
Zum Spielzeugladen!To the toy store!


Now that you know all the ways to address all the loved ones in your life in German. Why not give your family a call? Or better yet, take them on a trip to Germany.

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