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April 9, 2018


Willing to learn German in a different way? We found the solution: learning from videos! Entertaining and innovative, you will find diverse resources ranging from grammar to culture.

You will never lose your motivation as the available support is incredibly varied and it will allow you to progress very quickly.

We found the best of the Internet for and for all tastes.
all levels
Best Resources to Learn German in Videos

1. YouTubers: Improve With Fun!

First, YouTube is accessible on all your electronic devices. Download the application to optimize your experience.

YouTube is usually used for entertainment, and if you could entertain yourself while learning, why not? Immerse yourself in German culture and understand everything with native Germans.

 Here, we introduce you to the most amazing channels we found.
girls 4 teaching

Who is she? Eva is a native German speaker. She is your host on the channel.

What we like about her: She explains things clearly.Her lessons are organized in three units and her videos are animated and interactive.

Level: From Beginners to Intermediate levels.

Duration: Each video is around 5 minutes.

Where to find it: On her YouTube Channel Girls 4 Teaching.
smarter german

Who are they? Michael and Margareth are complementary. He is a professional teacher and she is a contributor singer and songwriter. Their catchphrase is: “Learn faster, speak better”.

What we like about them: These two will challenge you. They believe in fast learning and they havecreated units with one lesson per day for 40 days. Margareth also provides good tips and original ideas to make you remember effectively what you are learning.

Level: From Beginners to Intermediate learners.

Duration: Less than 5 minutes per video.

Where to find it: On their YouTube channel Smarter German or on their website Smarter German.
get germanized

Who is he? Meister is a native German who teaches his language in a fresh and innovative way.

What we like about him:His channel covers everything, language, culture and entertainment for ALL levels.

Level: From Beginners to Advanced learners. 

Duration: Around 5–10 minutes for learning videos and up to 4 hours for German culture… Yes, really!

Where to find it: On his YouTube Channel Get Germanized.

deutsch happen

Who is she? Kirsten Winkler is a wonderful teacher for self-learners.

What we like about her:She literally has a video for everything you might want to know about the German language. She makes it clear and simple.

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: From 1 to 30 minutes.

Where to find it:On her YouTube channel Deutsch Happen or on her website Deutsch Happen.
easy languages

Who are they? They created this nice not-for-profit project which aims to teach languages by interviewing people in the streets.

What we like about them:It is a great way to discover the German language and its native speakers. Every video comes with subtitles in German and in English.

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: Around 10 minutes for each video.

Where to find it:On their YouTube channel Easy Languages.
deutsch für euch

Who is she? Katja has beenrunning her channel for years and alwayswith the same smile.

What we like about her:This is a great channel for beginners. She createsa lot of good explanative videos on German language and culture. She is energic and friendly, perfect to stay motivated.

Level: Recommended for beginners.

Duration: From 5 to 20 minutes.

Where to find it: On her YouTube channel Deutsch für Euch.

2. Discover These Vloggers!

flying pandas

Who are they? Julien and Lee are two young Germans fond of slow motion camera.

What we like about them:They speak like young people do and quite fast. Try to follow them! Their channel is a good way to improve while having fun.

Level: For Advanced learners.

Duration: 5 minutes or less for each video.

Where to find it:On their YouTube channel Flying Pandas.

julia koep

Who is she? Julia Koep is a German singer, voice actress and entertainer.

What we like about her:She makes parodies thatare damn funny! Subtitles are available in German and sometimes in English.

Level: From Intermediate to Advanced learners.

Duration: From 3 to 10 minutes.

Where to find it:On her YouTube channel Julia Koep.

Who is he? Eric Range is a famous German vlogger and a video game developer.

What we like about him:He has a lot ofgaming experience and he is funny! Those who have a geek side tothem will just love playing with him.

Level: From Intermediate to Advanced learners.

Duration: Around 20 minutes to 1 hour per video.

Where to find it:On his YouTube channel Gronkh.

3. Websites: Online German Immersion

These German universes and websites offer many possibilities. The variety of content will give you the opportunity tomix up your resources and learn effectively in a short periodof time. We found amazing websites with videos content, again for all levels.

Goethe Institute

What is it? Goethe Institute is a German association thatoffers online content about Germany. They also run many schools in Germany to teach their language to foreigners. 

What we like about it:They offer a lot of content to learn about German culture and language. If you alternate between their website and their YouTube channel, you will get a strong and complete teaching.

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: From 1 minute to 1 hour.

Where to find it:On the website Goethe Institute or on their YouTube channel Goethe Institute.


via Pixabay

What is it? German Pod 101 is a free website to learn German.

What we like about it: It is fun and they have a large range of videos.

Level: For every level.

Duration: Each video is around 2minutes.

Where to find it:On the German Pod 101 website.

4. Let Passion Do It for You

ted talks

via Pixabay

What is it? The passion of words, the art of speech, learn with those who helpyou discover the world. For those who do not know it yet, in a nutshell, the catchphraseof TEDTalks is "Ideas worth spreading".

What we like about it:There areplenty of conferences available in German. TED Talks is love, life and knowledge, all subtitled (in German and English).

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: Around 20 minutes.

Where to find it: On the TED Talks website.

5. Embrace German Culture!

german culture

via Pixabay

Discover a new passion: Opera! Yes, okay, you think it's weird… But only because you don't know it yet. Germany has many operas to offer. Let yourself be carried away in this wonderful universe. We found some ideas to help you:

  • Now you’re ready to receive the greatest of operas.Go on YouTube and open Opera Vision, where you will find some amazing operas with English and German subtitles.
opera german
  • Want some more? Go toKomische Oper Berlin and discover the backstage universe of Opera. Follow German artists and discover the upcoming shows.
german opera

6. Home Cinema Delight


via Pixabay

What is it? Netflix is a platform on which to watch movies, documentaries and series.

What we like about it: Many studies prove the benefit of movies whenlearning languages, and Netflix has more documentaries, movies and series in German than you can ever watch. You can change your settings and add German language. You will then have access to all the subtitles and relevantprogrammes more easily.

Level: For every level.

Duration: Depends on the programme you choose.

Where to find it: On the Netflix website.

7. German TV Immersion

german tv

via Pixabay

You can also opt for German TV. A lot of channels are accessible for free. We presentsome of them here, classified by types of programmes:

German TV

  • To watch series: go toMy Pass.
  • To watch news: go toRTL Now.
  • To watch documentaries: go to Ard Mediatek.
  • To watch sports: go toSports Chau

8. Let Them Tell You What to Watch!

german berlin

via Pixabay

What is it? German Films is a national information and advisory centre for the promotion of German films worldwide.

What we like about it: Sometimes we get lost in the numberof movies to watch and don’t know which one to choose. This website helps us to discover and understand German cinema. It reflects their passion, and we want to watch everything they helpus discover.

Where to find it:Go totheir website German Films.

9. An Online Subtitles Library

online library german

via Pixabay

What is it? Sub Central is a website where you can find German subtitles.

What we like about it: Sometimes we plan to watch a movie but we can’tfind the subtitles for it. Sub Central has a great collection of English and German subtitles and you are pretty sure to find what you need.

Where to find it: On theSub Central website.

10. The Cherry on the Cake

cherry on the cake

If you still feel that you are missing something, if you really can’t understand a grammar point on your own, for example, or anytime you are stuck,here is your solution.  What is better than a private teacher to teach youGerman? A face to face learningvideo on Skype awaits you!

Some sites even offer a free lesson for you to discover the concept.Here are the best we found:

With videos, you have access to a larger world of opportunities and ideas. Real people are teaching you and it motivates you more than a book, plus, it is funny.

You are able to choose how much time you want to dedicate to it as videos can be short or long. All possibilities exist. A perfect way to discover this beautiful German world.

Bis bald!

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